Want to try out a face-framing hairdo & cutting technique? Are you a fan of looks that can define your facial features and make you look sculpted? If you are looking for your next hairstyle and you’re not too sure what is for you – this article will answer all of your questions and give you inspiration!

20+ Face Framing Layer Haircuts

1. Wavy Blunt Face Framing Layer Hairdo


Try out these face-framing layers if you’re a fan of voluminous looks and noticeable cute bangs. Make sure that you can grow your hair to this length and that you’re up for commitment and maintenance.

2. Wavy Voluminous Hairstyle Face Framing Look 


Wavy and voluminous light golden hairdo such as this one is going to attract a ton of attention. It is a wispy look with lower layers that will create an illusion of fuller and more stylish hair. You’re especially going to like this look when you get it freshly blow-dried.

3. Hot Red Face Framing Layer Hairdo 


A hot red hairdo and these long layers are for women who love to rock elegant locks. If you’re a teen or in your twenties, this look is for you! Most women who enjoy following trends and those who love bright and fiery red looks will enjoy this style. It is also a popular look on TikTok these days.

4. Blunt Bob Face Framing Layer Hairdo


A blunt bob done with layers will shape your face and give you dimension. If you enjoy shorter looks and you’re a fan of cute cuts, this is for you! Go for a middle parting and rock your new hairdo when at the office or during important meetings and events.

5. Wispy Blonde Face Framing Layer Look 


Wispy blonde hair with subtle frontal layers will look feminine and elegant. If you trust your hairstylist and you’re a fan of cool blowouts, this is for you! Give this look a go if you’re in your thirties and if you want to look like a sensual blonde.

6. Brown Face Framing Layer Hairstyle


Natural brown hair can look this cute! Women who are in their twenties or thirties may gravitate toward this look the most. Go for long and wispy bangs and stick to even length all over. If you want a fresh new look and you’re quite picky – this is a bulletproof idea.

7. Wispy Bob Face Framing Layer Look 


Wispy brown hair with cute curtain bangs is a look for sure! If you enjoy shorter hairdos and you want to try out something new and modern – book this look! Add a ton of hairspray to set your locks in place and to show them off everywhere you go, but to also prolong their wear time.

8. Long Blonde Face Framing Layers


Most women who love to color their hair and switch up their looks will naturally gravitate toward this beauty. You can freshen up your blonde hairdo with these layers and with this exact bleached color. The end result is going to suit most women who are in their twenties.

9. Cool Blonde Face Framing Layers


If you’re on the low-maintenance side and you enjoy shorter wispy looks – this is for you! Try this hair color and cutting technique if you’re a fan of layered ideas and gorgeous blonde hairdos.

10. Straight Brown Hair Face Framing Layers


If your hair is straight and lacks volume, you can always give it a go with this look. It is done in such a way that emphasizes your wispy ends and looks the best on women who enjoy subtle changes.

11. Face Framing Layers Blonde Look 


Face framing highlights and layers will transform any hairdo. If you want to color your hair but you’re not too sure about your current shade – try this out. It will look amazing when done the right way and by the right hairstylist.

12. Black Hairdo Face Framing Layers


You can leave your natural hair color as it is and only spice it up with some cool layers and defined edges. Women who enjoy subtle transformations and those who want a haircut that is appropriate for the office will fancy this look.

13. Brown Wavy Face Framing Layers


A brown wavy hairdo with layers at the front will complement women who have round face shapes. If you want to define your facial features and add depth – this is the best way to do it.

14. Short Hairdo Face Framing Layer


Try out a shorter hairdo if you enjoy simpler looks that don’t require a lot of touch-ups. Women who enjoy elegant and office-friendly designs will naturally gravitate toward this beautiful and unique outcome.

15. Brown Hair Face Framing Layers


This shade of brown is going to be such an amazing look for the fall season! If you prefer natural looks and you want to try out something that is a tad bit more low-key – this may be perfect for you.

16. Sleek Black Face Framing Layers


Black hair is going to look so healthy and elegant in its own way, but think about what’s going to happen when you add highlights! A full-on transformation! If you’re a fan of darker looks and shiny sleek hair with layers, why not book this hair design with your hairstylist?

17. Healthy Face Framing Layer Look 


Healthy hair will forever be in fashion. Women who can handle the maintenance and upkeep of their gorgeous locks will want to try this look. Make sure that you let it grow to this exact length so that you can copy the same look.

18. Voluminous Face Framing Layers 


Try out this cute voluminous hairdo if you enjoy trying out new looks and wispy outcomes. Women who are in their thirties may enjoy this look the most, exotically during the summertime period.

19. Chopped Mullet Face Framing Layers


A chopped mullet is not for everyone! It is a bold statement that one can make, after all. If you enjoy retro haircuts and trust your hairstylist – why not commit to this design in the long run?

20. Colorful Face Framing Layers


Colorful hairdos and vibrant hairdos such as this one will make you look and feel young! Show off your feminine side and rock these locks and these layers everywhere you go!

21. Face Framing Layer Hairdo Look 


Contour your face shape with this technique and with this cute hair styling technique. Women who want to switch up their looks in a subtle way (yet in a feminine way), will enjoy all about this sensual combo.

22. Chopped Brown Bob Face Framing Layer


Bob hairdos are often must-do by moms who wish to look dominant, fierce, and elegant. Make a statement when at the office with this hair design and let everyone shower you with compliments.

23. Cool Face Framing Layer Look 


Lastly, this face-framing technique is for those who want to do something new and modern. If you like to follow trends in your day-to-day life, this is for you!

Want A New Layered Look?

Are you ready for something new? Want to embrace that change? If so, which hair design is your top pick out of the bunch? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you rocking layers!

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