Eyelash bangs are pretty self-explanatory and they are a hairstyle that falls just above your eyes. This hairdo is on a high-maintenance side and it is a look that will get into your eyes quite easily and often, so be ready for it. If you want to enjoy wispy and somewhat long bangs and you’re ready to transform your entire appearance – here’s what you should consider doing.

30+ Eyelash Bangs Hairstyle Ideas 

1. Brown Hair Eyelash Bang Design


Natural brown hair with eyelash bangs is often worn by ladies who prefer quick and easy designs. If you like your natural hair color and if it is straight this will intrigue you.

2. Stunning Dark Black Eyelash Bangs


Black hair with wispy bangs is for ladies who love their outgoing appearance. If you wish to assert dominance and you’re a fan of darker hues – this is perfect for you.

3. Short Bob With Eyelash Bangs


Dark brown or almost black hair can look so unique with some eyelash bangs. If you are quite blessed with fuller and thicker hair this outcome is going to look lovely on you.

4. Eyelash Bangs Haircut 


This duo-colored hairdo is pretty feisty and you’re going to love a pop of coral to it. If you are in your twenties why not commit to this stylish design?

5. Blonde Eyelash Bang Hair Design 


Platinum blonde hair with baby eyelash bangs is super fierce. Anyone in their twenties is going to enjoy this stylish outcome. If you’re ready to look like a trendsetter, you can’t go wrong with this look!

6. Voluminous Black Eyelash Bang Hair


Keep your bangs at an eyelash-level length and base if you’re ready for something chic and modern. Straight hair and defined little bangs will make you look like a trendsetter.

7. Blonde Eyelash Bang Haircut 


The origin of the eyelash bang hairstyle can be traced back to the mid-20th century. This hairdo was worn by beauties such as Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, so what stops you from giving it a go as well?

8. Short Eyelash Bang Design 


Blonde hair is a lot of fun. Are you ready to spice the look up some more with these wild bangs? Try out a bob and style it effortlessly to end up looking like a true diva.

9. Eyelash Bangs High Bun


How about these cute eyelash bangs that are paired with a sleek bun?! If you have an important event ahead and you need a classy hairstyle, it’s time to give this a go!

10. Long Dark Brown Hair With Eyelash Bangs


Do you love this hot dark brown chocolate color? This is a stylish full and voluminous hairdo that will make you look like a true diva. The creation of eyelash bangs often involves a combination of scissor and razor techniques, allowing hairstylists to achieve the perfect blend of texture and movement. Ready to give it a go?

11. Long Blonde Eyelash Bangs


Embrace your blonde chic moment and go for these bangs! You’re going to look like a trendsetter and you’ll love your classy and boujee moments, as well as your supermodel look.

12. Wispy Brown Eyelash Bang Hair


Do you enjoy retro and wispy hairstyle ideas? How about this funky bob with cute bangs? If you want a retro classic and you want to stand out with the right lipstick, how about this outcome?

13. Warm Toned Yellow Eyelash Bangs


This type of blonde is a unique shade that looks very natural. It is a warm-toned hairdo. Once you add feathery eyelash bangs and a bit of hairspray you will rock this beauty throughout the entire day.

14. Short Wispy Bob Eyelash Bangs


How cute is this wispy eyelash bang bob? If you like wispy ideas and you want to add volume to your look, this is how to do it. Eyelash bangs are not limited to any particular hair type; they can complement straight, wavy, or curly hair, making them accessible and inclusive for a diverse range of individuals.

15. Brown Hair With Eyelash Bangs


Why not embrace your supermodel look? Do you love dark brown and wispy hairdos? Fashion designers often incorporate the eyelash bang look into their runway shows, and this beauty is the perfect example of what you should consider wearing.

16. Straight And Sleek Eyelash Bangs


Some hairstylists recommend eyelash bangs for individuals with smaller foreheads, as the wispy fringe can create the illusion of added height. That is the case with this gorgeous and long straight hairdo and giant wispy bangs.

17. Elegant Eyelash Bangs Brown Hair 


If you’re a fan of flirty ideas and you’re ready for something trendy and different you’ll fall for this idea. Show off your stylish side and let the world know that you’re ready to recreate a feminine and fierce hairdo that others don’t dare to go for.

18. Blonde Hair With Eyelash Bangs


Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are filled with inspiring images of individuals rocking eyelash bangs, showcasing the hairstyle’s popularity as a sought-after trend. If you want to stand out and you’re a fan of blonde hairdo, this gorgeous style is for you.

19. Fun Orange Hair With Eyelash Bangs


If you prefer stylish hairdos and you’re ready for something modern, how about these bangs? Women in their thirties will fall for this design and its elegance.

20. Side Swept Hair With Eyelash Bangs


You should invest in the right hair care products for the maintenance and upkeep of this design. If you’re in your twenties and you’re ready to experiment this will intrigue you and you’re going to fall in love with this outcome.

21. Long Orange Hair With Eyelash Bangs


Such a unique shade of orange, don’t you think so? Eyelash bangs have become a go-to choice for those looking to soften angular facial features, providing a flattering and harmonious balance to the overall look. If this sounds like you, what’s stopping you from giving it a go?

22. Simple Brown Hair With Eyelash Bangs


You can keep your hair natural brown and wispy. Hairstylists often recommend eyelash bangs for clients who want a transformative change without committing to a complete hairstyle. Are you eager to give it a go?

23. Straight Hair Eyelash Bangs Design


Want a pop of yellow-blonde to your hairstyle? Some beauty salons offer eyelash bang consultations which allows you to get a slight preview of what your hair could look like.

24. Eyelash Bangs Look For Ladies


Do you fancy orange warm tones and dark blonde hairdos? Eyelash bangs can be accessorized with the right layering technique which will define your facial shape.

25. Short Brown Bob Eyelash Bangs


Eyelash bangs fall right around the eye level, making this hairdo a stylish and creative piece worth checking out. If you prefer modern ideas and you want to make yourself seen and stand out, why not this look?

26. Black Fluffy Eyelash Bangs


Hair care brands have introduced products specifically designed to enhance the natural texture and movement of eyelash bangs, catering to the growing demand for products tailored to this trendy style. You will achieve this gorgeous outcome in less than 10 minutes for your everyday moments.

27. Chocolate Brown Eyelash Bangs


A warm-toned chocolate hairstyle with wispy bangs will make you look like a sassy diva. You will like this look as you can experiment with it and define your stylish bangs with a bit of hair cream.

28. Cute Blonde Eyelash Bang Hairstyle


For those seeking a DIY approach, numerous online tutorials provide step-by-step guidance on cutting and styling eyelash bangs at home, emphasizing the accessibility of this chic trend. So, are you brave enough to give it a go?

29. Layered Eyelash Bangs


Natural blondes are going to fall in love with this stylish hairdo. Eyelash bangs have made appearances in popular culture, featured in films and television shows as a symbol of effortless glamour and timeless beauty. This one gives off princess vibes, and who wouldn’t love it?

30. Fluffy Eyelash Bang Hairdo 


Leave your upper part fluffy and messy and try out this gorgeous blonde design. If you love this style and you’re ready to pair it with fun wispy bangs – this is perfect for you. Spray the hair in place and prolong its wear time everywhere you go.

31. Brown Hair With Short Eyelash Bangs


Go for this long dark brown hairdo and add some stylish layers to it. When cut asymmetrically and paired with some eyelash-length bangs this hairdo is going to make you look feminine and like a true diva everywhere you go.

Are You Ready For Eyelash Bangs? 

Which one of these cool eyelash bangs do you like the most? Do you prefer shorter or longer hairdos? Either way it may be you need to pair it along with your chosen eyelash bangs and rock them for any upcoming event or daily moments. Which one hairdo are you going to pick? Let us know!

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