Are you ready to enjoy a vintage charm with contemporary sophistication? Do you want to enjoy a seamless blend of classic elegance? If so, getting a modern and retro haircut is the way to do it. From rejuvenated victory rolls to contemporized shag cuts, this article will talk about loads of different hairdos that you may enjoy, such as a beehive, maxi bob, and retro cuts from the 60s-80s period! Here is how you can enjoy something retro, yet with a modern twist to it!

Top 18 Modern Retro Hairstyles 

 1. Retro Hairstyle Female

If you love old-school and retro hairstyle ideas it is time for you to try out something new. Why not enjoy that crazy 70s design with a hint of modern drama? You’ll like this design no matter your age or your chosen event.

2. Simple Elegant Retro Hair

Embrace the pin-up hair and vibe by trying out this retro curl. Go for these lovely bangs to make yourself seen and known. You can easily do this haircut on your own, and it is a practical look that you’ll enjoy for both daily and formal events or gatherings.

3. Blonde Modern Retro Hairdo

Create something simple and elegant, yet effortless. If you have an event where you need to be and you want to look like a true retro diva-you’ll love everything about this haircut. It is going to look phenomenal on blonde women, both natural and dyed beauties.

4. Maxi Bob Retro Hair

Maxi bob retro hairdo with wispy ends is a must-try for your next glamour moment. If you have lighter hair and you enjoy slightly twisted ends, this will intrigue you. All you need is a bit of hairspray to keep the ends in place and intact for the entire day. Want to try it out?

5. Retro Waves Elegant Hair

Retro curls and waves will never go out of fashion. Natural dark brown hair can look so good on its own with minimal upkeep or maintenance. Just curl your ends and use your favorite hairspray to enjoy the look for day and night time.

6. Beehive Hair Retro Idea

Beehive hair is a fun little look that was very popular in the 70s. This high updo reminds a lot of a beehive, making it a fun and fierce look for those who want to stand out. If you like dominant ideas just know that this haircut is all about it!

7. Retro Hairstyle Updo

This is another retro beehive that you’ll love for day and night time. How retro do you wish to look, and are you into high-wispy updos? Recreate this exact beehive and enjoy your fun and glamorous moment with confidence!

8. 60s Retro Hairstyle

Retro hair when worn in an updo represents class and effortless beauty. If you’re in your twenties you’ll love this look as it is super popular all over social media these days. Look and feel your best while investing minimal time and effort.

9. Fun Orange Retro Hairstyle

The bright and wild orange haircut is a statement that might not be for everyone’s heart and soul. If you like dominant and creative ideas and you’re ready to outshine the rest – why not give it a go?! Anyone in their thirties will naturally gravitate toward this look.

10. High Bun 70s Retro Hair

A high bun in a wild updo pattern is for women who have naturally fluffy and voluminous hair. If you like dominant ideas and you want to try out outgoing ideas, why not embrace this fluffy bun? You’ll love its unique outcome and you’ll prefer it even if you have extensions.

11. Natural Brown Maxi Bob Retro Hair

A natural brown and messy maxi bob hairdo is for women who love their natural texture. Does this apply to you too? Just make sure to get your haircut every 3 months to maintain the outcome and enjoy this wispy outcome.

12. 80s Beehive Hair Retro Style

A retro 80s beehive hairdo is a fun statement worth considering. If you have fluffy blonde hair and you love your wispy locks – it’s time to show them off! Just use a ton of hairspray and your favorite hair clay to put your hair up and prolong this wavy and messy updo.

13. Simple Curls Retro Hair

Simple curls can look elegant and effortless when styled the right way. If you’re all about the sixties glamour and you love a pop of red lipstick, this design will suit you. Make sure you rock and embrace the diva design and show off your curls for any headed event, no matter if it’s day or night.

14. Blonde Curly Retro Hair

The blonde curly messy updo is very representative of the crazy 70s period. If you have a naturally fluffy and curly texture why not show it off? Women who like natural ideas and those who are into fluffy designs will love this curly pattern. Just make sure to use your favorite curling cream to maintain the design and rock the curls for hours within a day.

15. Fun Blonde Retro Hairdo

How about this messy beehive design? It looks like the perfect 80s curl pattern which will make you look like a diva! Show off your fierce side and enjoy the messy volume. Don’t forget these retro bangs as well to get the exact same fluffy outcome.

16. 80s Inspired Retro Curls

Enjoy the pinup hairdo and try out this light orange hairdo. These retro curls will look mesmerizing and fun on attention-seekers, as well as women who want to look like fiery and feisty women. If you’re all about the waves and mixed designs, this is for you!

17. Blonde Wavy Curly Hair

A blonde wavy hairdo with bright blue eyeshadow makeup is a look worth considering. Women who are all about the attention will love this design, as well as its effortless glamour. If you love dominant ideas and you’re not afraid of standing out at all times at any event – check this out and wear it with confidence!

18. Elegant Retro Curls

Last, but not least, you can try out this cute curl pattern. Wear your hair on the side and style it with your favorite curl cream. If you’re a natural blonde and you enjoy your cute curls, why not let the world see them?! When paired with a soft makeup look this outcome will suit ladies within all age groups and occupations. Eager to try it out yourself?

Want To Look Like A Retro Diva?

As we wrap up our journey through the world of modern retro hairstyles, we hope you’re inspired to add a touch of timeless charm to your personal style. Do you want to look like a pin-up doll, and are you ready for something trendy? Which hairdo is your favorite out of the bunch? We can’t wait to see you rocking something from our list!

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