Wispy bangs are going to be so in this year, are you ready to take them on? For a lot of women, a wispy haircut is somewhat high-maintenance, while the truth is a whole lot different. The key is knowing how to style it and customizing it to your everyday life vents. Here, we bring you some of the best bang ideas that you’ll want to recreate and copy ASAP! Ready to find your perfect hair look?

Top 30 Wispy Bang Haircuts

Blonde Wispy Bang Haircuts

1. Shaggy Wispy Bang Hair 


Light blonde with wispy bangs such as these will look amazing on women with blue eyes! Make them fully pop and pair this warm tone shade with ease.

2. Icy Blonde Wispy Bang Hair


If you want a natural-looking outcome, this is for you. Make sure that you color your hair every 5 weeks to maintain the color, but cut the bangs every 3 weeks to prolong this look.

3. Wispy Bang Hair Middle Parting


Fun and feminine middle parting with longer bangs will suit girls or women who are in their twenties. Yellow-toned strawberry blonde hairdos such as this one will look sultry and super unique!

4. Long Wispy Bang Hair Blonde Cut


Try out a bob haircut and add these wispy bangs to the look! Make sure that you get the right toner since this undertone is very tricky to maintain.

5. Platinum Blonde Wispy Bang Hair


Platinum blondes will fall in love with this elegant look. If you enjoy feisty bangs and you’re a fan of longer hairdos that you can rock to any gathering or event – this is for you.

6. Super Wispy Cute Bang Hair


Super wispy and flirty, this haircut is going to look amazing for the summertime period. If you’re a low-maintenance girl, why not fully embrace it?

7. Natural Blonde Hair With Wispy Bangs


Curl your ends with your favorite curling iron to achieve this wavy outcome. You should cut your hair every 2 months since the cut is very effortless, while you can style the bangs on your own!

8. Natural Roots With Wispy Bangs


Long and cool wispy bangs hair such as this one is often worn by modern ladies who are in their twenties. Style it with your favorite hairspray and rock for the day.

9. Cool Wispy Bang Hair


Cute wispy bangs such as these are for women who naturally have thicker and fuller hair, as well as voluminous locks. Style your bangs in this wild way and show off their beauty!

10. Bright Blonde Wispy Bang Haircut


Women who have blonde eyes are going to enjoy this look! You will make your hair color and your wispy bangs pop so much more, so why not explore it?!

Light Brown Wispy Bang Haircuts & Wispy Bang Hair Highlights

1. Brown Wispy Bang Hair With Highlights


Leave your roots dark and natural, but spice up the design towards the ends. Women who love wavy hairdos and those who want to try out something fun and new will enjoy this look.

2. Warm Toned Brown Wispy Bang Hair


A brown wispy haircut with cute bangs that you can wear anywhere and however you like! Add a bit of layer to fully spice up the outcome.

3. Wispy Bang Hair Chocolate Haircut


A chocolate brown hairdo and this wispy pattern will look elegant. If you’re a girl who is in her 20s, why not try this combination?

4. Hair With Highlights Wispy Bang Hair


Subtle highlights all throughout your brown hairdo will add dimension and elegance. You can also add depth and fully make your bangs show!

5. Bright Warm Toned Wispy Bang Hair


A wispy bob haircut and this warm-toned brown shade will complement one another. If you’re someone who enjoys trendy looks and you want to go all out – this is for you!

6. Super Wispy Brown Bangs


Not a lot of women have such wispy and voluminous locks. Do you? If so, why not proudly show them off and start enjoying your new 80s-inspired haircut?!

7. Caramel Highlights Wispy Bang Hair


Caramel highlights onto light brown hair will look feminine and sultry. If you’re looking for a fall-inspired haircut that is going to be super popular – we recommend this look.

8. Voluminous Wispy Bang Hair


Defined top and volume around your top half will look fun on their own. Add long and chunky bangs into the picture to show off this everyday perfect hairdo!

9. Short Elf Hair With Wispy Bangs


Cute and short elf hair can look beautiful and in its full glory when styled with the right bangs! If you’re a fan of sweet and soft (low-maintenance) hairstyles, this beauty is for you.

10. Rich Wispy Bang Haircut


Chocolate and rich colored warm tones will look amazing for the fall season. If you’re a feisty brunette looking for cute modern bangs to pair up, this might suit you.

Dark Brown Wispy Bang Hair

1. Dark Brown Wispy Bang Hair With Layers


Women who have naturally darker hair and those who enjoy subtle color transitions and transformations will like this design. Get some cool layers and add longer bangs to round up the look. With the right blowout, this haircut will attract looks and a ton of attention.

2. Unique Dark Brown Wispy Bang Hair


Wispy bangs and this color combo are truly one of a kind! Go for a dark brown base and add some fun and flirty blue or purple dye to make the design even more youthful! Women who are in their teens will naturally gravitate toward this beauty.

3. Natural Brown Dark Bang Hair


Embrace and show off your inner Kylie Jenner with this gorgeous haircut! If you have dark brown hair and you want to style effortless little bangs – this is ideal for you! Pair with the right makeup look and look as fancy as ever.

4. Wispy Dark Brown Hair


If you want cool and edgy bangs, why not try this haircut? It is very cool and different, often worn by women who enjoy fun and retro looks on a daily.

5. Rich Dark Brown Wispy Bang Haircut


Stick to your natural brown hair color and try this look for everyday moments. If you want a haircut that is perfect for the spring season – this is truly it.

6. Cool Edgy Dark Brown Wispy Bang Hair


Show that you’re a little daredevil and that you like fun and different looks. If you want something that will describe your youthful personality, this is a must-do!

7. Wavy Dark Brown Wispy Bang Hair


Those who can grow their hair to this length will enjoy this way of styling hair. If you’re often wearing dramatic bangs and you enjoy the attention with your chosen haircut – we recommend this beauty.

8. Cute Brown Dark Brown Wispy Bang Haircut


Just know that you can look as elegant as ever with your wispy haircut. Women who enjoy cute framing bangs will naturally gravitate toward this look.

9. Dark Brown Wispy Bang Hair Look


The right chocolate undertone will make your skin color pop! This specific shade and bang duo is going to look amazing for the fall season.

10. Cute Dark Brown Wispy Bang Haircut


Lastly, why not this beauty?! Women who are in their thirties might enjoy it the most. It is fun, formal, elegant and truly one of a kind!

Show Off Wispy Bang Haircuts!

Want to take on this trend? Are you more so a fan of shorter or longer bangs? Do you think that you’ve found your perfect haircut in this article? If so, let us know what’s it going to be out of these options. We can’t wait to see you with something new and super modern!

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