Are you a fan of Teyana Taylor? If you’re not a fan of her overall bold and wild personality, you might love her creative and stylish hairdos?! If that is the case, it is your lucky day since we’re going to list and talk about a ton of cool looks that will suit most age groups. Figure out what you like the most and find your next best transformation by reading the article below.

Who Is Teyana Taylor?

Teyana is a black beauty, as well as a 31-year-old woman. She is an American singer-songwriter, actress, dancer, and choreographer. Stylish, wild & modern, this beauty is also a mom of two. Anyone who wants to look like an elegant lady and wishes to copy this beauty’s inspired designs should read on!

Trendy Top 16 Teyana Taylor Looks To Try 

1. Long Brown Braided Hair

Everyone loves to rock braids! Do you? The truth is that long and wispy braids with the right level of volume and elegance can look fun and attractive on most women. This brown hairdo with long and tight secured locks will look the best for everyday moments, and most African women will appreciate the hairstyle!

2. Bright Orange Pigtail Braids

Bright orange pigtail braids and loud vibrant hairdos such as this one will suit younger women. Do you wish to stand out and look bold? Are you always looking for a modern “twist” to your look? Make sure that you color your hair every 2 months since bright and neon orange hair can be tricky to style and maintain. It is a high-maintenance look after all.

3. Black Braids Space Buns

Black wispy braids and space buns will look fun and playful. Most young women like to follow this type of trend. Do you? Make sure that you follow the look-up with some fun and wild makeup. Women who wish to stand out and those who want to look flirty and sexy retro will enjoy this look. Secure the braids in place with proper hairspray to prolong their wear-time. In the end, this will look party-perfect and will come in handy for festivals or parties.

4. Bright Orange Updo Braid

A loud and wild bright orange updo with thick braids will look so cool! Women who like updos and practical looks will love this cut. Make sure that you color it every 2 months since orange can easily fade and wash out as time goes on. Also, women who enjoy tribal looks and updos will appreciate this the most, perfect for daily wear.

5. Curly Wavy Voluminous Hair

Curly and tight voluminous look such as this one with a middle parting is for those who like elegance, but also wish to stick to their natural hairline, color, and texture. Make sure that you stick to the middle parting and set your braids in place with the right type of hairspray. You will also enjoy adding your favorite hair curling cream to maintain these locks in place. Go for a stylish clip and something that has a poppy color. In the end, this look will suit most young women who wish to look creative and trendy.

6. Blonde Space Bun Haircut

Space buns will forever be in fashion. Nowadays, most women love to do them for parties and raves. If you enjoy wild and voluminous ideas and you wish to look fun and cheerful, consider this overall vibe. Make sure that you pair it with a fun elastic or some cool glasses to make the fit a lot more cohesive.

7. Space Buns With Glitter

Cool space buns such as these will look amazing with a ton of glitter! A lot of women like to wear their hair high up and in space buns. Does this sound like your go-to? If you have a rave ahead and you fancy trying out new looks quite often + you wish to look fierce with them, this will suit you. Add your favorite shimmer to make your look pop everywhere you go.

8. Soft Brown Curls Space Buns

These soft curls with cool space buns are so trendy and modern. Do you want to define them? Make sure that you stick to cool high-up voluminous curls and are your favorite curling product to set them in place. Go for this half-up half-down design to make your style appropriate for both day and night-time wear. Women of any age will enjoy this look and these cute locks.

9. Long Curly Afro Hair

This long and wavy curly look is for women who enjoy showing off their natural curls. Does this sound like you? If you enjoy voluminous ideas and you’re a fan of the right kinky curls, this will suit you. Make sure that you add your favorite curling product to set them in place. You’ll enjoy this Teyana-inspired look for daily wear and for successfully rocking your curls.

10. Frizzy Afro Hair With Space Buns

Frizzy Afro hair such as this one is for women who like their natural texture. You’ll like adding a touch of space buns to your look just to spice up the design. Women who are in their twenties usually gravitate toward this look. If you want a party look that you can fiercely rock anywhere you go, this is it! A powerful hairdo that will boost your confidence and make everyone stop and stare.

11. Thick Voluminous Space Buns

These space buns are very cute and very popular when it comes to Teyana looks. She loves to wear tight and voluminous ideas and she often rocks her full volume with confidence. If you like your natural texture and you want to try out something for daily wear that is very practical, this will suit you.

12. Cool Tight Braids

Cool tight and thin braids are for those who like their thinner braids and wish to show them off at all times. The truth is that this look has to be set in place. You’ll have to secure them for weeks to come since this design is not for tying or untying. The end result is cute and sexy, often worn by younger women or teen women who wish to show off their elegance and their style. You’ll like adding a bit of hairspray just to set them in place properly. Show them off when clubbing.

13. Black Long Braid Look

The long braided look that is done in this way is for those who like their voluminous ideas. Do you like cute and elegant ideas? Maybe you fancy rocking half of your hair styled in one specific way? This design will look the prettiest on women in their 20s. Make sure that you book the best hairstylist you know of. It is a tricky look to do on your own, so heads up before trying it out.

14. High Up Braid Bun

High-up braided buns usually look elegant and voluminous. The truth is that this look can suit those who are in their 30s to 40s. You’ll enjoy updo braids for any moment, but especially when you have some work and errands to run. The cut is practical and easy to move around and style, great for those who wish to look well-put on a daily.

15. Long Blonde Tight Braids

Super long braids are not for everyone. The truth is that only some women dare to wear them. Are you one of those women? This hairstyle is done with a lot of extensions, making it a tricky hairdo to pull off. You’ll have to invest a generous amount of money and care to maintain this design. You can also opt for a blonde color if you wish to look a bit more elegant and attractive. Women who can handle the maintenance should give it a go with this style.

16. Brown Pixie Cut

Lastly, why not go for this short natural brown pixie cut? Teyana likes this look for daily wear and on her days off. If you wish to look casual and you need something practical, this will suit you. Go for a heavy side part and place it in one direction. If you’re in your 30s and you need a practical workaholic everyday look that will suit your business moments, book this look.

So, do you want to try out one Teyana-inspired cut? If so, which one beauty is it going to be out of these cool 16 options? Let us know, we can’t wait to see your next transformation!

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