Katie Holmes is well known for her casual and simpler hairdos. She is often spotted wearing practical and low-maintenance, as well as low-key hairdos. Do you like cute and practical hairstyles? If so, this article is the right one for you! Keep on reading as we present you with some of the coolest and trendiest looks that you’re going to adore. Every girl will easily find a look that suits her age and hair type. Keep on reading and find something that you really fancy.

Top 18 Katie Holmes Hairdo Looks

1. Stylish Brown Bob 


Cool bob that is defined in the back and low-maintenance. Women who like cute and wispy looks will want this hairdo. It is sleek, stylish, and perfect for boys and workaholic moms, as well as those who like to show off their insane level of shine and texture.

2. Wavy Brown Chic Bob 


A wavy brown and chic bob such as this one is for women who want a formal hairdo. This just goes to show you that you can also rock a sexy type of haircut and light wavy locks. You should set your hair in place so it stays firmly for day and night-time wear. Women who are always trying to look formal and business-appropriate will easily pull off this look.

3. Bob Hairdo With Bangs


This cool hair with bangs is for those who like to have a rounded-up design, everything looking seamless from head to toe. You can also opt for some subtle highlights to give your hair dimension and depth. In the end, this will look amazing on those who are in their thirties.

4. Wavy Brown Everyday Cut 


Katie sometimes loves these longer looks. Do you like stylish cuts and you’re a fan of keeping your length in place? If so, this is for you. Women who are in their 30s tend to go for this haircut so often. Make sure to add your favorite hairspray on top to set these locks in place for day and night wear.

5. Middle Parting Bob Cut 


Go for a middle parting when it comes to your bob if you wish to show off the symmetry of your face. Usually, this type of hair design looks the best on women who have oval faces. If you want to look cute and well-put for both casual or formal moments, book this look.

6. Short Chopped Bob 


Chopped messy and asymmetrical bobs are often worn by women who prefer shorter and low-maintenance looks. The best part about this beauty is that you can wear it to any event + it can look gorgeous for any age group. In the end, workaholic women may appreciate it the most.

7. Wavy Brown Cut 


Wavy brown and wispy, this hairdo is perfect for women who want to try out something new for the fall season. If you enjoy stylish cuts, try this out as it will never go out of style. Girls who want to look elegant will also like this style.

8. Stylish Layered Brown Haircut 


Stylish and layered, a haircut such as this one is for those who like wispy and voluminous layers. Do you want to show off your cute curls? Katie is well known for rocking something like this on a daily, but you’re going to enjoy this style the most for your fancy date nights.

9. Sleek Elegant Formal Cut 


Most women prefer and enjoy glamorous waves. This haircut is a common go-to by a lot of women who need a night-out look. When done super curly and set in place with a long-lasting hairspray, this can withstand any event. A must-try for all age groups.

10. Asymmetrical Brown Bob 


Women who like wispy and wavy chopped looks can try this bob. You will enjoy it when done with some cool layers, along with adding some fun pops of color through highlights. If you are in your 40s, try out this look and wear with confidence. 

11. Dark Brown Cool Bob

If your hair is dark brown and naturally healthy, this look can suit you. Let your hair grow and go for this shiny look at any event. Make sure that you brush it out to achieve subtle looks down your ends, and enjoy the wavy curly style.

12. Long Black Voluminous Look 


Sometimes, Katie prefers long brown locks and likes to embrace these Hollywood waves. This style is often worn by women who enjoy wispy looks, as well as those who like texture. Add a bit of pomade around your roots to get the volume and long-lasting power.

13. Formal Elegant Hairdo 


Most young women like this look, and think of it as a stylish outcome for proms & night-outs. If you want to get that romantic vibe and you’re all about waves and wispy looks, make sure that you give this a go. It is super easy to tie around and do yourself. 

14. Brown Hollywood Waves


Sleek, shiny, voluminous, and healthy – who can say no to it?! This cool brown hairdo with soft waves is often worn by teen women for proms, as well as mature women for important meetings. If you’re a bride-to-be and you want to get a lot of attention, think about these locks. 

15. Colored Brown Bob


Katie sometimes switches up her bob hairdos. Do you fancy this look? If you want to add a bit of highlights to your cut and you’re looking for a bob that is going to be super trendy this fall, book this look with your favorite stylist. 

16. Simple Updo Cut 


This is a quick and easy yet cool messy updo, a must-try bun for women who like to DIY their own hair. If you have a semi-formal event ahead and you’re aiming for something modern, try to master this cut yourself.

17. Cool Brown Ponytail 


A classic ponytail such as this one will never go out of fashion. Women who are in their 20s may fancy this the most. Go for loose waves and secure the ponytail with high-quality elastic. Set it with your glittery hairspray to give it shine and wear it to your next big thing!

18. Shiny Sleek Waves


Lastly, why not stick with the classic? This wispy wavy style with subtle highlights is for those who want minimal change. If you wish to copy a quick and easy hairdo that Katie often wears, book this cut. 

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