Bobs are super trendy right now and look stunning on anyone. Bobs are great because they can be in a range of colors and lengths, catering to anyone’s needs. You can add layers, bangs, color, and cool textures to your bob and have your own personal and unique look.

Here are some of our favorite bobs you can try out for yourself.

1. Rounded Bob

This bob will give your hair a lot of volume.

2. Messy Bob

Give your bob some flair with layers.

3. Angled Bob

This sharp cut is perfect for anyone who wants to step out of the box.

4. Curled

Bobs are great for showing curls off.

5. Autumn Vibes

Throw some warm tones through your bob for a fresh fall color.

6. Pop of Color

Bobs are great for adding pops of fun color in it.

7. Bangs

Bangs are a great way to change your bob up a bit.

8. Short and Round

Really go short with your bob and add an rounded edge.

9. Layered Bob

Layers will help give your hair a lot of movement.

10. Chestnut

A fun chestnut color will pair perfectly with your bob.

11. Blonde

Show your bob off with a hue of platinum colors.

12. Highlights

Add a little light to your hair with pops of highlights.

13. Curled Layers

Layers with curls will give your bob amazing volume.

14. Rainbow Hues

Add bits of rainbow coloring through your bob for a little fun.

15. Natural Curls

Go shorter with your bob and let those natural curls shine.

16. Sharpe Bob

Keep your angles sharp for a unique look.

17. Roses

A fun pink color looks stunning on a short bob.

18. Fall

Short hair and a beautiful orange hue is perfect for fall.

19. Natural Chocolate

This chocolate bob is natural but stunning.

20. Textured

Texture gives your bob a completely new look.

21. Fringe

Go super short with your bob and fringe for a fun look.

22. Swished Layers

Cut your bob into short layers and create a unique design with them.

23. Lavender

Sleek bobs looking perfect when paired with a fashion color.

24. Balayage

Pair a balayage color with a bob for a fashion forward look.

25. Chunky Highlights

Give your bob more depth with a set of chunky highlights.

26. Side Bangs

Side bangs will melt perfectly into your bob style.

27. Curls Everywhere

Go wild with the curls and your bob.

28. Summer Vibes

If you’re not ready for summer to end, through this bright color on to keep the summer around.

29. Cool Bob

No matter your age you can still rock a cool bob style.

30. Lowlights

Lowlights are great for just adding specs of color through your bob.

Bobs are great styles for anyone, try one out for yourself.

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