Usually when we picture short hairstyles, our minds automatically think of the numerous pixies cut one can get. Doing a medium length cut though can still count as a short hairstyle though. Sure it’s not massively short but it offers you some relief from heavy hair. With medium length hair you also get the benefit of having numerous styles you can still wear and it is a great in between with super short and long.

These are a few of our favorite medium length hairstyles that you should consider the next time you see your hairdresser.

1. Braid

Medium length hair is perfect to rock a braided style.

2. Orange Burst

Lighten your medium hair up with a burst of color.

3. Waves

Beachy waves look stunning with medium hair.

4. Cotton Candy

The shorter your hair is the better the fashion color looks.

5. Chestnut

A light chestnut color looks gorgeous on medium hair.

6. Blunt

A blunt bob is perfect for a new style.

7. Dark

Pair your new medium hair with a darker color.

8. Bangs

A set of wispy bangs looks stunning with a medium cut.

9. Ombre

Ombre coloring really fits well with a new length.

10. Blonde

A blonde tone works wonders when you have medium hair.

11. Blend

Blending two colors together is a perfect way to highlight your medium hair.

12. Strawberry

This medium length strawberry look would be gorgeous on anyone.

13. Highlight

Add highlights to your medium hair for a touch of light.

14. Loose Curls

Loose curls look stunning with medium hair.

15. Angled Cut

Try out an angled cut on medium hair.

16. Layers

Layers throughout your hair will give it a lot of texture.

17. Platinum

Lighten your hair up with a platinum color.

18. Rounded

A rounded bob is perfect for a easy medium style.

19. Knot

This textured ponytail is perfect to use with medium hair.

20. Soft Layers

Soft layers might not be noticeable but will change your look up.

21. Caramel

This mixture of light and dark works perfectly with medium hair.

22. Soft Blonde

This softer look is great if your a first timer with medium hair.

23. Balayage

Balayage is a popular trend that is gorgeous to try out.

24. Pop of Color

Medium hair looks stunning with a small pop of color.

25. Messy

A messy medium style is a great unique look.

26. Bubble Braid

These large braids are beautiful with medium hair.

27. Natural

Keep your color natural to really show off your cut.

28. Purple

Let you new style shine with a bright color.

29. Fire

You’ll turn everyone’s head with this look.

30. Half Up

Medium hair works wonders with a half up-do.

31. Lob

Lobs are the go to style for medium hair.

32. Space Buns

Medium hair can even rock a space bun style.

33. Chocolate

Chocolate waves are stunning with a medium cut.

34. Vivid

A vivid color will let that medium style shine.

35. Reverse Braids

Reverse braids is the ultimate medium hair look.

If you’re not ready for the big chop, these medium styles are great to try out and will looking stunning on anyone.

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