Bangs are an amazing way to change your style without having to do too much. There is a wide variety of bang styles you can choose from too and each one has their own unique thing about them that make the style perfect. Bangs might seem a little scary at first but they grow back fast and trust us, you won’t regret them.

We found some of these amazing bang styles that you should try out.

1. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have recently come into style and look amazing.

2. Swoop

Try a nice swoop bang out.

3. Razor Bang

These shorter bangs look awesome.

4. Wispy

Wispy bangs are light and easy.

5. Micro

A micro bang is short and sweet.

6. Ombre

You can do an ombre look with your bangs.

7. Full

A full rounded bang looks stunning.

8. Bob

Pair a bob with curtain bangs for the ultimate look.

9. Rainbow

Complete your rainbow look with bangs.

10. Straight Bang

A straight bang can complete any look.

11. Angled

An angled look is always a nice cut.

12. Duo

Dye your bangs two different colors.

13. Pulled Up

Bangs look stunning when pulled up.

14. Spring

Go for this spring look.

15. Messy

A messy style with bangs is perfect.

16. Side

Give your bang a little curl to the side.

17. Sleek

Choose a bang that will go with a sleek look.

18. Side Bang

Go with a classic side bang.

19. Rounded Bob

A rounded bob looks great with full bangs.

20. Unique

You can go completely off the grid with your bangs.

21. High Pony

Go with a high pony and a slight bang.

22. Curled

Curl your bangs under for a slight polished look.

23. Volume

Add some volume to your look.

24. Long Bang

Keep your bangs on the longer side.

25. Natural

Let your natural bangs shine.

26. Fire

Turn heads with this fire look.

27. Pixie

Side bangs on a pixie is a stunning look.

28. Lob

A lob and full set of bangs look gorgeous.

29. Shag

A shag is perfect for a summer hair.

30. Shaggy

This shaggy look is a great choice for anyone.

31. Pink

Try out a trendy pink color with your bangs.

32. Short

Go for a shorter bang with your shaved pixie.

33. French Bob

A French bob is stunning with a full bang.

34. Highlights

Brighten your hair up with some highlights.

35. Texture

Add a lot of texture to your look.

36. Statement Bang

These statement bangs will turn heads.

37. Blonde

Blonde highlights with your bangs is stunning.

38. Forward

These forward bangs go well with a pixie.

39. Short side

These short side bangs are gorgeous.

40. Pop

Add a pop of color to your bangs.

Bangs are a great way to upgrade your hairstyle without having to do anything too drastic.

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