Introducing the enchanting world of long pixie hairstyles – a daring and delightful cut that gives out both grace and audacity. Characterized by its short length and whimsical flair, the pixie hairstyle exudes an air of confident femininity. If you are ready to chop your hair off and you want something stylish, modern, and trendy – here is what we recommend.

20+ Long Pixie Haircuts

1. Chocolate Brown Long Pixie Haircut

Go chocolate brown and let your bangs run loose and wild! This creative and fluffy hairdo is going to look amazing on younger ladies and those who are in their twenties. Comb the hair out to achieve this sleek style.

2. Bright Red Long Pixie Haircut

Bright red pixie with fluffy and messy bangs is a statement that you’re going to love for the fall season. If you’re someone who loves to stay on trend and you want to follow trends, book this design and enjoy your new hair transformation.

3. Natural Brown Long Pixie Haircut

Natural brown and long pixie haircut that is a must-try by teen women. If you’re someone who loves that fluffy and flirty style and you want big and dominant bangs on top, why not go all out?!

4. Blonde Long Pixie Hairstyle

Blonde and long pixie hair with subtle icy highlights that you’re going to prefer for the summertime period. If you love experimenting with your look and you trust your hair colorist and stylist fully – this is ideal to go with.

5. Cute Long Pixie Haircut

Go for an asymmetrical A-line bob and commit to the natural (darker) hair color. Anyone who is a low-maintenance girl will prefer this design over other looks.

6. Voluminous Light Brown Long Pixie Haircut

Voluminous and fluffy top with super long bangs – who can say no to it?! Ladies who want to show off their cute texture and those who enjoy high updos and voluminous designs should book this haircut.

7. Dark Blonde Long Pixie Haircut

Dark blonde pixie with baby bangs is a gorgeous design that is often worn by ladies who are in their twenties. Try out this haircut and style your bangs in a fluffy way to achieve such an asymmetrical and relaxed beauty.

8. Dark Brown Long Pixie Haircut For Women

Not a lot of ladies would dare to wear this high-up and fluffy pixie. Go with this dark brown natural hair color and style your bangs on the side as well. The right type of hairspray will keep these locks in place for the entire day.

9. Natural Brown Long Pixie Hairstyle

Keep your hair natural brown and cut it in a pixie style every 4 weeks. Women who are in their fifties are going to like this design the most + it is going to attract a lot of looks from other women.

10. Stylish Blonde Long Pixie Haircut

An icy blonde stylish pixie such as this one is a must-try if you’re looking for edgy and modern haircuts. Style your bangs straight and on the side to get this intriguing style.

11. Hot Red Long Pixie Haircut

Hot red is a common and popular shade for the fall season. Do you love to switch up your color regularly? If you want something that can look even better with your red lipstick, this is ideal!

12. Dark Brown Long Pixie Haircut

Dark brown and long pixie in the like this one is going to look trendy without being too high maintenance. Ladies who love that elf design and women who want to look playful will fall for this style.

13. Platinum Blonde Long Pixie Haircut

Go platinum blonde and try out defined edges. This bowl cut also has elements of a pixie design, making it perfect for those who are quite picky and indecisive when it comes to their hairdos.

14. Light Brown Pixie

Keep your hair light brown and simple, but spice it up with a special type of haircut. Anyone who enjoys layers and cute bang details is going to fall for this concept.

15. Long Bangs Pixie Haircut

Long bangs worn at the front are such a statement look. Do you want to attract looks everywhere you go? If you’re someone who has fuller hair and you’re not too sure how to style it – this is your inspo!

16. Long Pixie Haircut Look

Ladies who enjoy softer hairdos that aren’t too hard to maintain or achieve on their own should consider this look. You can style it within 5 minutes in the morning and get on with your day.

17. Long Bangs And Pixie Haircut

Color your hair every two months when it comes to this shade of blonde. If you prefer straight bangs and you also enjoy bob hairdos, we know that this is going to suit you. Style them in place with your favorite hairspray and show off everywhere you go!

18. Long Pixie Haircut For Mature Women

Women who are in their fifties and those who love longer tops will fall in love with this beauty. Go for a heavy side parting to achieve the exact same style of a pixie that others are going to love on you.

19. Warm Toned Long Pixie Haircut

Warm-toned pixie haircuts will never go out of fashion. If you enjoy shorter hair ideas and you know how to style your hair with ease and in minutes, who are we to stop you from getting this beauty?

20. Black Hair Long Pixie Haircut

Black and long hair pixie with cute bangs is a style that will never go out of style! If you’re into voluminous hairdos and you naturally have a lot of thick hair to work with, this is perfect for you.

21. Dramatic Bangs Long Pixie Haircut

Dramatic long bangs such as these may not be for everyone. If you enjoy dominant hair ideas and you want something that others won’t have or dare to wear – we can vouch for this look.

22. Icy Platinum Long Pixie Haircut

Show off your icy blonde hairdo everywhere you go and enjoy its messy texture. If you have thicker hair and want to show off your volume and strands, this od how to do it!

23. Long Pixie Hairstyle

Long warm toned pixie hairdo with soft bangs is a statement that a lot of mature women tend to do. You can give this a go no matter your age or personal preference, just style it with the right products and set of tools to prolong its wear time.

24. Natural Blonde Long Pixie Haircut

Lastly, go natural and blonde when it comes to your next stylish pixie. If you love long and dominant bangs that are wispy and easy to style and comb through – book this hairdo and style it with confidence!

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