90’s hairstyle ideas are coming back! Are you a fan of this look, and have you been a fan 30 years ago? If that is the case it is your lucky day since we plan on listing and talking about a ton of different and cool options down below. Keep on reading and find your next hair inspiration and if it’s one of your signature moves. We have it all, bringing back some of the most popular and quirky looks for everyone to color and experiment with.

What Are Some Popular 90s Hairdos?

When it comes to reminiscing of some old-school cuts and trying out 90s hairdos we recommend giving it a go with the following popular options:

Blunt Cut

1. Brown Blunt Cut


Blonde, short, chopped, and cute, this hairdo was a popular solution for women who liked low-maintenance ideas back in the 90s.

2. Warm Blunt Bob


Cute and chic, this type of bob was super popular in the 90s thanks to its balayage highlights.

3. Platinum Blunt Bob Hairstyle


Defined platinum color is for women who dare to stand out, as well as those who like trendy looks.

4. 90s Warm Tone Bob


This warm color will work and look the best for the fall season.

5. Wavy Blonde Blunt Bob


Spice up your look and give it a go with this colorful wavy outcome for formal night-outs.

Layered Hair

1. Blonde Layered Hair With Frontal Highlights


Layered looks will create an illusion of thick, sensual as well as long hair. Give it a go with this blonde if you can handle the maintenance.

2. Brown 90s Layered Look


Women who like front layers and those who can pull off their natural brown hair color will enjoy this design.

3. Long Blonde Layered Hairstyle


This blonde wispy outcome is for women who like chic layered looks that aren’t too hard to maintain or upkeep.

4. Brown Layered 90s Look


Cool 90s look which is so low-maintenance, often worn by workaholic women and those who need a work-appropriate haircut.

5. Layered Hair With Bangs


Cute wispy hairdo with even some bangs! If you’re a fan of Selena and you also enjoy elegance this look will intrigue you.

Baby Spice Hair

1. Blonde Baby Spice Hair


Baby spice hair was so popular in the 90s because of the Spice Girls! Show off this blonde moment and enjoy its platinum gorgeous outcome.

2. Brown Baby Spice 90s Look


Brown baby spice such as this one will look amazing on women who are in their twenties, looking for a party-appropriate look!

3. Baby Spice Blonde Hairstyle


Cool and edgy, try this baby spice out if you’re into shorter looks yet blonde moments and bangs!

4. Brown Hair Baby Spice Look


Dark brown hair and this serious sleek straight pattern will emphasize your naturally healthy and shiny hair.

5. Blonde Baby Spice 90s Hair


Give it a go with this blonde baby spice look if you’re into party looks and if you’re looking for something that is appropriate for Coachella!

Crimped Hair

1. Black Crimped Hair


A crimped hairdo such as this one is easy to achieve. Just use the right curling tool and you’re going to adore the final outcome for everyday wear.

2. Bright Green Crimped Hair


If you have an important event going on and if you’re looking for something fun, colorful, and creative, this is it!

3. Crimped 90s Hair With Highlights


Try out these cool highlights and just know that they will pop so well when done in this crimped outcome.

4. Long Hair With Highlights Crimped Look


Long hair such as this one is high-maintenance. Try it out if you’re a fan of noticeable beachy looks.

5. Long Dark Brown Crimped Hair


Super long and feminine, this dark brown hairstyle is for women who like flirty feminine curls.

Chunky Highlights

1. Blonde Chunky Highlights


If chunky highlights are your thing you’re going to adore this blonde moment!

2. 90s Chunky Highlights


Warm-toned chunky highlights such as these will look the best on mature women who are looking for an office-appropriate solution.

3. Pink Chunky Highlights


Add this red pigment and show off the look and these highlights for your parties.

4. Simple Chunky Highlights


A bit of that ashy undertone will always look sleek and fierce!

5. Bob Hair 90s Chunky Highlights


Short bob hair with these cool and thick chunky highlights will look amazing for everyday events.

Space Buns & Hair With Accessories

1. Butterfly Hair With Accessories


Butterfly hair or butterfly accessories will look stunning for parties!

2. Space Buns Curly Look


Space buns will never go out of fashion! Try this look out for Coachella or any other night-out disco party.

3. Simple 90s Space Buns


Cute and laid in the back, this look is for women who like simple and shiny buns with a ton of elegance!

4. Blonde Hair With Hair Clips


Decorate your hair this way and show off your cute hair clips and butterfly details for formal moments.

5. Auburn Red 90s Space Buns


Bright red hair is for those women who like dominant and fierce fiery outcomes.

6. Curly Space Bun


Lastly, try this out if you like that old-school quirky retro vibe. Perfect for women who like curly looks and their retro space buns.
The 90s Are Calling!
Which 90s look is your favorite? Looking for something fun, cute, and fierce to recreate? All of these will stay in fashion for years to come. Let us know what you end up picking out from this detailed list.

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