Homecoming is usually one of the significant highlights of many people’s lives, where you get to meet your buddies after graduation. Homecoming usually isn’t an occasion to slay per se, but either way, everyone wants to be on their A-game, especially in terms of looks.

One major highlight for looks when it comes to ladies would have to be hair, of course. The right or wrong homecoming hairstyle could make or mar your face even if you deck the best designer gown and heels. There are many hairstyles to choose from, and when you are spoilt for choice, making a decision, especially the right one, can be a chore.

Having been to a homecoming myself, worked as a hairstylist, and recommended hairstyles for homecoming, some styles stand out. I know that’s what you want to do, and we have put together a list of the best homecoming hairstyles.

Having come this far, it is only fitting that you keep reading to see which hairstyles will get the most compliments during homecoming. Sit back, relax and take some notes if you would like to be the talk of everyone at your homecoming in a good way!

When getting your hair done for homecoming, you would have to pick between several options. From short hair to medium-length hair stopping at your collarbones to long wavy hair, the possibilities are endless.

How about the curly and straight styles like a perfect old ponytail to go with a simple gown? Depending on what you want, which defers for every individual, here are 40 hairstyles that are worth your time and try for your homecoming:

Top 20 Updo Hairstyle Ideas

1. Gorgeous Light Brown Updo


The perfect updo bun for those who like to wear fancy looks.

2. Bun With A Braid


Go for a braid detail to make your hairstyle more attractive and feminine.

3. Updo Hairstyle With A Tiara


Your homecoming hairstyle can look so flirty and feminine with crown detail.

4. Caramel & Blonde Highlights Updo


This bright orange bun will make you look so sleek and well-put.

5. Updo Hairstyle Natural Roots Blonde Highlights


If you have naturally brown hair you can still spice up the look with some blonde highlights to make your look feminine and flirty.

6. Blonde Hair With Flowers


Make your homecoming hairdo sleek and flirty with these flowers!

7. Natural Brown Color Updo


Add some subtle waves and a curl to make your look appropriate for special and formal events.

8. Blonde Hair Elegant Updo


Book a hairstylist who is skilled when it comes to these fancy updos.

9. Chocolate Brown Hair With Pearls


Add some jewels and pearls to your hair to make it more fancy and sleek.

10. Elegant & Soft Bun Look


Twist your hair in the back and go for this stylish chunky braid.

11. Blonde Updo With A Braid Detail


Hairstyle ideas such as this one will take you 60 minutes to achieve and recreate. You can do it yourself, which is the best part.

12. Blonde Hairstyle With Flowers


Pink bright flowers at the back of your hair will look sensual and perfect for the spring season.

13. Chic & Elegant Dark Brown Updo Hairstyle


If your hair is naturally brown and darker you’re going to like this look due to its simplicity.

14. Ponytail With Silver Accessory


A loose bright blonde hairstyle with some pearls will look elegant and feminine.

15. Gorgeous Brown Hair With A Fishtail Braid


Wear your hair in a loose ponytail and rock this look with confidence for your homecoming!

16. Blonde Sleek Ponytail


A bright blonde hairdo will look so good and elegant in a ponytail.

17. Long Gorgeous Dutch Braid


This loose braid with cute clips or bead details will look feminine and elegant on longer hair.

18. Ponytail With A Side Braid


A loose brown ponytail with hair tendrils will look chic and fancy!

19. Loose Blonde Updo Ponytail


Such a simple hairdo that you can recreate with ease and yourself!

20. Thin & Elegant Pony With A Front Braid


Ask your hairstylist for this side braid detail if you’re into gorgeous attractive looks.

Top 20 Loose & Long Hairdos

1. Long Blonde Hair With A Back Braid


Tie a braid in the back and wear the rest of your hair long and loose with these waves.

2. Caramel Hair With A Braid


If you have balayage highlights rock this look with a stunning back braid.

3. Half-Up Half-Down Homecoming Hair


Blonde hair done in this homecoming way is a true statement!

4. Light Brown Formal Hairdo


Hot orange or brown looks such as this one will look so good for the fall season.

5. Chic Brown Hair With A Back Braid


Not many hairstylists will know how to do this look. Book someone who is skilled and has the right level of experience!

6. Blonde Hair With A Back Braid Look


This loose braid is playful and feminine, perfect for blonde women!

7. Loose & Wavy Bright Blonde Hairdo


Blonde hair will attract looks and attention in its own way. Rock this look for any period, but especially the homecoming!

8. Curly Blonde Hairdo Half-up Half-down


Secure your hair and this braid in the back to rock its full potential freely!

9. Voluminous & Curly Brown Hairstyle


Long brown hair and loose waves will look so stunning for the homecoming period!

10. Natural Color Homecoming Hairdo


A bigger bun in the back will look so sleek and retro! Rock this look for any time and period, ideal for any age group.

11. Brown Roots Blonde Highlights


Wear your hair in this loose wave concept. It is great for the homecoming dance, as well as for blonde women!

12. Hot Red Homecoming Hairdo


Hot fiery red is a common hair go-to for those who enjoy fiery looks. If you wish to get noticed, give it a go with this look.

13. Natural Color Brown Wavy Look


Dark brown hair will look super feminine on its own. If you like to look elegant you’re going to like this concept.

14. Light Blonde Hairstyle With A Braid


Bright blonde can look so pretty. Tie the braid in the back to rock the look with full security for the homecoming.

15. Brown Hair With A Loose Braid In The Back


This loose thick braid will look the best on those who have longer and more voluminous hair than others.

16. Elegant Hairstyle With A Jewel Addition


Place this giant accessory on top to get all the looks and to be the center of attention!

17. Fishtail Braid Blonde Look


Only some hairstylists will know how to do this thick and rich Dutch braid, so book the best one!

18. Wavy Boohoo Look With Hairclips


This loose hairdo will look dreamy for your homecoming.

19. Dark Hair Color With Back Braid Homecoming Look


Natural brown hair is healthy and feminine in its own way. Enjoy the simplicity of it for your homecoming.

20. Loose & Wavy Blonde Look


You can rock this loose blonde look and its beautiful feminine waves.

Ready To Look Like A True Diva?

If you’re ready to look like a true homecoming queen, consider these looks! Let us know which one is your favorite from the list, we can’t wait to see you rocking something new, fancy & modern.

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