Looking for your next gorgeous & new haircut or hairstyle? Are you a fan of defined V-cut or U-cut hairstyle ideas? If you are not too sure what the difference is between these two, keep on reading since we will break it down for you. Here, we will talk about their key points while leaving you with 20 gorgeous hairstyle ideas to choose from.

What Is The Difference Between V-cut and U-cut Hairstyles?

V-cut: the name says it all. Women who love defined & sharp hairstyles will enjoy a V-cut hairdo a lot more. It adds volume & shape to most lengths while looking high-maintenance, when in fact it is so easy to do (as long as you have an amazing hairstylist). V-cut is very defined, grandiose, bold, as well as perfect for younger women who love to stand out.

U-shaped cut resembles the letter U. It is not as popular as a V-cut hairdo at salons, but it truly mimics your natural hair growth while looking way more subtle and natural. Mature women prefer this style a lot more, as well as those who struggle with their texture or frizz.

Who Should Get A V-Cut Hairdo?

If you have natural texture & bounce to your hair you will enjoy this style. Once you go for a wavy blowout you will have the prettiest Holywood curls, yet in the shortest time possible. Usually, women who have shorter curly hair or super long and straight hair love this cut. It is not for those that are in-between.

Who Should Get A U-Cut Hairstyle?

U-cut hairstyle is low-maintenance and effortlessly beautiful. Women who are growing out their natural hair prefer it over other options since it can easily blend in with the rest of your hair. You can go for any length, style, as well as color with this hair. It helps you frame the face + it can look amazing with some simple bangs or ombre highlights.

Top 10 V Cut Hairstyle Ideas For You To Consider

1. Straight & Long Natural Brown V Cut Hair


This defined cut is perfect for women who have naturally long & straight hair. Easy to do and low-maintenance as well.

2. Medium Length Blonde V Cut


Add a bit of life to your hair with this shorter defined V-shape idea. If your hair is naturally straight & short you should give this one a go!

3. Balayage V Cut Hairdo


Balayage highlights over naturally wavy hair will look gorgeous, especially when you stick to the V-cut look. Get frequent cuts to maintain this style.

4. Defined Blonde V Cut Hairstyle


This defined & sharp cut is harder to achieve for blondes than it is for brunettes. Make sure that you fully trust your hairstylist before you commit to it since it can look this gorgeous!

5. Silver Icy V Cut Hairdo


Silver icy hair color or silver highlights can be tricky to do. However, once executed the right way this hair is perfect for any formal gathering!

6. Long Orange Hairstyle V Cut


This V-shaped hairstyle is ideal for natural & low-maintenance girls. It is also the perfect summer color that you will want and need in your life.

7. Natural Brown Hairdo V Cut


Your hair will look a lot more healthy, shiny, as well as fresh once you give it this V-cut. Maintain & cut every 2-3 months.

8. Gorgeous Wavy Pink V Cut


Those who wish to stand out and who love funky colors will want this pop of pink to their new V-cut hairdo!

9. V Cut Wavy Silver Hairdo


Sexy silver highlights and these Hollywood waves go so well together, wouldn’t you agree?! Ideal for prom or date night!

10. Defined Shaggy V Cut Hair


You can add layers to your hair and frame the face. If your hair is naturally fuller give it a go and enjoy the transformation!

Top 10 U-Cut Hairstyles For You To Consider

1. Brown Hair With Highlights U Cut


This U-cut with highlights is only for those women who don’t mind its upkeep or maintenance. Heads up since frequent touch-up is recommended.

2. Medium Length U Cut Blonde


Blondes who wish to define their hairstyle will easily get all the attention with this U-cut style and color combo.

3. Defined Waves U Cut Caramel Highlights 


Caramel highlights are going to be huge this summer! This hair idea is perfect for formal gatherings as well.

4. Natural Dark Hair U Cut


You don’t have to color your hair to get noticed. If your hair is naturally healthy, thick & full, try spicing it up with this U-cut.

5. Full & Voluminous Dark Brown U Cut


Dark brown hair with blown-out ends is perfect for mature women who are always on the go. It is a 5-minute styling process that lasts the whole day with the right amount of hairspray.

6. Ombre U Cut Hairstyle


If you prefer ombre highlights and you love to get frequent blowouts this combo may intrigue you.

7. Gorgeous Pink U Cut 


How bold are you? Some women love to stand out with funky colors. This pink & coral combo is show-stopping when done in the U-cut form.

8. Brown Hair With Highlights U Cut


Create an illusion of a fuller hairline with these highlights, as well as the shape itself. Ideal for moms and mature women.

9. Subtle Highlights U Cut


If you want to get something new & simple without doing damage to your hair you should consider this idea. It won’t take you more than two hours to achieve it at a salon.

10. Caramel Highlights U Cut


Caramel highlights are always an amazing go-to hair idea. If you love simple low-lights on top of your natural brown hair this look is for you.

Which Hairstyle Cut & Color Is Your Next Must-Have?

In the end, where do you stand when it comes to our list of these 20 gorgeous hair ideas? Which cut do you prefer? Are you more into V-shaped or U-cut hairstyles? Let us know your next hair move, and your haircut goal, we would love to know!

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