Voluminous hairstyles and fluffy and wispy cuts can make a statement whenever you want them to. Are you into defined designs and haircuts that not everyone can rock? If you’re ready to say bye to your flat hair and you’re ready to try out definition and fluffiness all over, this article is for you. Here is how you can rock your next voluminous and fluffy design with some of our recommended ideas.

20+ Mega Volume Hairstyles 

1. Blonde Mega Volume Hairstyle


Sensual and quite pretty, this hairstyle is going to look amazing on women who like to wear elegant and trendy looks. You will look like such an icon with this beauty.

2. Platinum Blonde 90s Mega Volume Hairstyle


This retro 90s-inspired blowout is for women who like to look classy and flirty. If you are a fan of looking big and bold and you have a lot of hair that you can style, make sure to embrace your new style,

3. Wispy Brown Mega Volume Hairdo


Keep your hair natural brown and go for the wispy and retro curls. You will love this look if you’re someone in their 20s, looking for a haircut that is easy to style and adjust for any given event or occasion.

4. Curly Side Swept Mega Volume Haircut


Go for a side-swept look and rock this messy mega-volume haircut everywhere you go. Women with fluffy hair and defined locks are going to like the elegance of this style, as well as its unique messy pattern.

5. Feminine Blonde Blowout Mega Volume Hairstyle


Try out these long locks and style them in a wavy pattern. If you enjoy longer hair and you also like to rock hair extensions this look may suit you. Make sure you can commit to its upkeep to prolong its beauty.

6. Long Natural Brown Mega Volume Hairstyle


Medium-length hair with mega blowout ends is a fun and retro look with exploring. If you enjoy that crazy and elegant 70s blowout and you want to embrace wispy and fun looks, this beauty is perfect in your case.

7. Wispy Ends Mega Volume Hairstyle


8. Brown Warm Toned Mega Volume Hairstyle


A warm-toned look like this one is going to look amazing for the fall season. Do you enjoy vibrant hues and do you prefer looking like an actual actress? Say no more and say yes to this look!

9. Bright Orange Mega Volume Hairstyle


Mega volume and these wild waves are going to attract a lot of looks. If you like bright orange shades and you love this auburn hue, this will suit your style. Try out this curl pattern and show off your mega and fluffy volume everywhere you go.

10. Mega Volume Hairstyle Wispy Curls 


Cute and healthy curls such as these will make every girl look like a retro and feisty diva. If you prefer defined and elegant curls and you’re all about your mega volume, you can’t go wrong with this modern look.

11. Short Blonde Mega Volume Hairstyle


Who says that mega volume means longer hair? The truth is that you can look like such a diva even when rocking shorter locks. This mega-volume platinum hairdo is going to look the best on mature women who enjoy shorter and more practical looks.

12. Cute Ponytail Mega Volume Hairstyle


Tie your hair in a messy curl bun or ponytail if it is too hard to maintain the locks daily. You’ll like this look quite a lot for daily wear and moments when trying to enjoy a practical and easy gym hairdo.

13. Wispy Brown Mega Volume Hairdo 


This mega-volume hairdo has that retro 80s look to it. If you enjoy fluffy strands and you’re a fan of side-swept ideas and glamour, this will look amazing on you. Add your favorite hairspray to prolong and maintain the locks for hours to come.

14. Light Orange Mega Volume Hairstyle


Not a lot of women would look good in this haircut and hair color. But you? You might fall in love with this mega-volume creation. It is a must-try for the fall season thanks to its vibrant and colorful color combo.

15. Warm Brown Chocolate Mega Volume Hairstyle


Go with this chocolate brown hairdo and try these swept bangs as well. If you have quite long hair and you’re a fan of defined strands and longer cute waves, this mega volume will speak “volumes” to you.

16. Wispy Brown Mega Volume Hairstyle With Bangs


Try out this medium-length hairdo and pair some cute bangs with it as well. If you like shaggy hair ideas and you want to try out something for daily moments that is very practical and easy to style in less than 5 minutes, this is perfect for you!

17. Messy Curly Ponytail Mega Volume Hairstyle


If you have a naturally thick and curly messy texture and you’re a fan of wispy ponytails we know that you’re going to like this look. If you’re often running around doing errands and you need a hairstyle that can withstand any conditions or events, this is for you.

18. Long Dark Brown Mega Volume Hairstyle


Black and wispy hair is very easy to maintain as you don’t have to color it too often and you don’t have to cut the ends either. It will seamlessly and easily blend in with the rest of your locks, making it super practical for ladies who are low-maintenance and all about wispy locks.

19. Retro Curly Mega Volume Hairstyle


Are you blessed enough to have such curly and retro hair? Let’s be honest, this curly hairdo can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. If you enjoy your retro curls and you want to show off your fluffy and defined mega volume, go for a middle parting down head and show off this curly beauty for daily moments. Black women are especially going to love this look.

20. Natural Curly Mega Volume Haircut 


Short naturally curly hair is very elegant and not too hard to maintain and upkeep. If you enjoy messy curl patterns and you enjoy your natural texture and are all about rocking the messy mega volume, give this haircut a go.

21. Cute Dark Brown Mega Volume Hairstyle


You should color your hair every 7 weeks when it comes to this bright red hairdo. It is very vibrant and fun, often worn by ladies who want to stand out and look playful. If you’re in your thirties to forties this beauty is going to suit you.

Go Big And Voluminous!

Did you enjoy our list with some of the best voluminous blowouts? Do you like versatile styles? If so, we can’t wait to see you enjoying something from this list.

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