Summer is officially here which means it is time for a new and unique hairstyle. This is the perfect time to rock a new shorter due to help keep yourself cool but welcome a new look for the fun summer months. Styles like bobs and lobs are popular but don’t count out a fun pixie or shaved look.

If you like the idea of wearing a shorter look for the summer, take a look at some of our favorite summer short looks and see what works best for.

1. Wavy Lob
A wavy lob is still long but gives you a lot less hair to carry around. Add a wavy to it for a chic look.
2. Messy Bob
A messy bob is great to wear during the summer and looks stunning on anyone.
3. Long Pixie
A pixie is a great way to lose some hair but keep it long on the top so you can have some fun.
4. Icy Locks
A lob with an icy color is great for the summer sun.
5. Straight Bob
A straight bob is great for a new summer look and looks good on anybody.
6. Rounded Bob
A rounded bob gives you a lot of volume in the back and is perfect for the summer.
7. Boyish Pixie
A boyish pixie is a great new look to try and gives you a lot of relief in the heat.
8. Wavy Bob
A wavy bob screams summer and looks amazing when pair with highlights.
9. Chocolate Lob
Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean your hair has to be light. Try out this chocolate lob instead.
10. Layers
Adding layers throughout your hair is a great way to give it some volume.

11. Balayage Color
A balayage color is great for the summer months and brings a lot of light to your hair.
12. Short Bob
A short bob takes a lot of hair off your head and looks amazing during the summer.
13. Natural Curls
Rock your natural curls during the summer and add a few highlights throughout it.
14. Darker Roots
Have your color last all summer long by adding a darker root to your look.
15. Honey Lob
Going for a lighter color during the summer with your lob is great to change your look up.
16. Cropped Pixie
A cropped pixie with a lot of layers will give you ultra-short hair but a stylish look.
17. Red Pixie
A red pixie is a beautiful hair color and style for the summer.
18. Cropped Bob
Go unique with your bob look, like this cropped bob that is longer in the front and round in the back.
19. Feathered Pixie
Pixies are the perfect style to have during the hotter summer months.
20. Layered Bob
Adding layers throughout your bob is great for texture and style.

21. Light Bangs
Having a lighter color and bangs is a beautiful style for welcoming summer.
22. Angled
Give your hair a more of a unique look by adding angles to the cut.
Go for a shaggy look that give your hair a less of a maintenance feel.
23. Shaved Edges
Shave the bottom of your hair for a fresher feel.
24. Chocolate Melt
Go for a fun chocolate melt look for a summer look.
25. Blunt
Give yourself a blunt look for an edgier style.

All of these short hairstyles are perfect for the summer and will look amazing on anyone. Which short style is your favorite?

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