Lobs are the perfect short hairstyle to try out if you’re experiencing the chop for the first time. With a lob you still get some hair and length to play with and although your hair is short, you won’t feel like you’re doing a massive dramatic change. With a lob it is super simple to change your style and go even shorter into a bob or pixie if you begin to love your short hair as well. The best thing about a lob is how in style it is and easy to manage.

We took the liberty of finding some stylish and stunning lobs that you can get a little inspiration from if you’re ready to go for a short style. Here are some of our favorite fall lobs that are perfect to try out this year. Take a look.

1. Dark Lob

With fall here a darker lob is the perfect way to go. You can even highlight it to give it a little light.

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