Crochet hairstyles are cute, defined, and gorgeous locks of hair that you can show off and style anywhere you go, perfect for any event. Usually, African women tend to go for this hairstyle the most, and they enjoy showing off their natural curly texture. If you wish to know more about it and browse through some ideas and options, keep on reading and discover your looks down below. 

What Is A Crochet Hairstyle?

Crochet braids are also known as hook braids, and they involve a specific hair tieing and braiding process in which you can braid your natural curls into defined crochet. A lot more popular and convenient method is to braid your hair with synthetic hair extensions with a latch hook. The outcome is a lot more voluminous and reminds a lot of a weave.

20+ Crochet Hairdos

1. Orange Crochet Hair

A cool color that is a bit unusual and different to go for. If you fancy brighter looks and you can handle the color pigment itself, why not give this a go?

2. Short Bob Crochet Hair

Cool crochet bob that is fancy and glamorous. This hair just goes to show you that you can rock crochet hairdos for formal events. 

3. Curly Lob Crochet Hairstyle

A curly lob worn up high and defined with a ton of curls and volume can look great on shorter and voluminous hair. 

4. Faux Hawk Crochet Hair

This faux hawk is bold and dramatic. If you fancy defined tight curls and you like a pop of pink to your hairdo give this trendy look a go. 

5. Simple Brown Crochet Hairstyle

Give this chocolate brown crochet look for daily wear. The color itself is a popular choice for the summer season.

6. Curly Brown Crochet Hair

Defined brown curls such as these are sleek, stylish & shiny. If you fancy classy looks and defined locks style away!

7. Crochet Hair With Pop Of Color

Brown and white color on top of your braids will look great, stylish, and contrasting. If you are someone who likes wild colors and bold looks spice it up with this. 

8. Brown Smooth Crochet Look

Cool brown defined crochet hairdo that is a must-do if you are into attractive ideas. Go for a bob cut if you want a daily trendy look.

9. Black Hair With Pop Of Red Crochet Look

Black and red are some popular colors of braids to go for. Do you like this loud & fiery hairdo? Define it with a bit of hair gel to get this hairdo. 

10. Icy Blonde Crochet Hairstyle

Light platinum or blonde crochet hairdo is a bit high-maintenance to go for. Watch out when it comes to this hairdo and invest in conditioner and toner. 

11. Thin Crochet Look

This is how your crochet hairdo can look if you have naturally thin hair. No reason to add synthetic on top either.

12. Burgundy Crochet Hairstyle

Short burgundy crochet hair with defined curls will suit mature women well. You will enjoy it for daily wear and thanks to its simplicity, yet the gorgeous color of red. 

13. Black Curly Crochet Hair

Defined black curls with a ton of shine! Add a ton of hairspray and you’re going to enjoy the elegance and glamour of this crochet. 

14. Thick Crochet Hairstyle

Go for these thick crochet looks and secure them with a couple of elastics. This look just goes to show you that younger girls can also rock this cut. 

15. Black Crochet Hair This Strands

A defined haircut such as this one with tight crochet strands is fun and cool. If you dislike simplicity and you like to stand out, this is for you. 

16. Side Part Crochet Hair

Go for a defined dramatic side part and show off this look along with your makeup. You will look like such a trendsetter and a true diva. 

17. Twisted Crochet Buns

Bright blonde, twisted & worn in this crochet way, a must-try party hairstyle for women who enjoy sleek defined curls. Add a ton of curl cream to end up with these results. 

18. Short Simple Crochet Hairstyle

Women who want something quick & easy that is low-maintenance should book this cut. Set your curls in place and show them off!

19. Red Crochet Look

Red twisted crochet strands that most women can pull off. If you enjoy bright red fiery haircuts and tight curls style your hair bit by bit to end up with this volume.

20. Light Brown Crochet Hairstyle

Cool ombre crochet haircut that just goes to show you that you can have a classy and formal look when colored the right way, even if wearing crochet braids.

21. Short Bright Red Crochet Hair

Some women like to look bold and fiery. If you like color to your hair and you want a low-maintenance crochet beauty, this one is for you. 

Who Is Ready For A Crochet?

If you’re a fan of braids and crochet looks why not try out one of these looks and designs? Women who are super picky and prefer variety will find it all here with some of these gorgeous looks. Which one is your favorite? 

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