Are you sick and tired of regular bob haircuts, but you’re ready to try out something new? A feathered bob might be something that you’ll want to explore! This hair design and this hair look is super feminine and unique, as well as often worn by busy workaholic moms who are on the lookout for a change. Here is what we recommend that you try out sometime soon!

Top 21 Feathered Bob Haircuts

1. Blonde Feathered Bob Hair

This type of feathered bob is often worn by women who love chic retro and rock-inspired designs! If you’re a fan of messy and wild haircuts that you can pair along with your emo-punk makeup – this is perfect for you!

2. Natural Brown Feathered Bob Hair

A feathered bob such as this one is going to look amazing on younger ladies who love wispy cuts. Make sure that you curl your ends lightly if you’re a fan of elegant locks that you can show off during your office hours.

3. Voluminous Feathered Bob Hair

Voluminous feathered bob that you’re going to enjoy if you fancy high fluffy hairdos. This one is going to look amazing on women who have a naturally messy or fluffy texture.

4. Feathered Bob Hair With Highlights

Go with these cute highlights if you enjoy defined locks. This way, your feathered bob will attract even more attention. Women who prefer to color their hair every now and then will enjoy this cool and colorful cut.

5. Brown Feathered Bob Haircut

Brown feathered bob that is cute and cut in layers. If you’re someone who enjoys sleek and chic edges, this is for you. Cut it every three weeks and book the best hairstylist you know if you wish to prolong its beauty.

6. Voluminous Feathered Bob Hair

Moms who want to look elegant will enjoy this slick black haircut. Show off your voluminous strands and just know that not that many people are going to have this wavy feathered design.

7. Short Feathered Bob Hair

Women who are in their forties will love this cut. It is often worn by women who enjoy fun and elegant locks. If you have a naturally messy or fluffy texture – we recommend sticking to this cut.

8. Stylish Feathered Bob Haircut

Those who have brown hair and naturally thick and healthy strands will gravitate toward this design. If you enjoy shiny locks and you want something that is going to define your edges, this is truly it!

9. Curly Brown Feathered Bob Hair

Naturally curly or wavy texture can be a bit hard to maintain. If you prefer feathered bob cuts and shiny hair, this is a must-book in your case!

10. Feathered Bob Hair With Highlights

A feathered bob with subtle highlights and medium-length bangs is the way to do it! If you want a stylish haircut that will be super popular this fall, why not this cut?

11. Icy Blonde Feathered Bob Hair

Icy blonde and high up, a platinum cut that most young girls prefer! If you want something edgy and something that you can wear to your big and important formal events – this is truly ut.

12. Hot Yellow Feathered Bob Hair

Hot and bright yellow hairdo such as this one will look fun and feisty! If you prefer warmer tones and you want to show off your feathered bob in a cool way, why not like so?!

13. Feathered Bob Hair Design

Dark brown feathered bob that most mature women will naturally gravitate to! With this haircut, you can hide your grays and your roots. Anyone who is above the age of 40 will fancy this look.

14. Unique Feathered Bob Hair

Not a lot of girls would dare to do this haircut. Would you? It is pretty wild and colorful, as well as two-toned, often worn by women who want to experiment and stand out.

15. Shiny Black Feathered Bob Hair

This type of black feathered bob will look amazing on women who are in their twenties. Try it out if you enjoy slick back looks and if you want to add a bit more shine to your design.

16. Feathered Bob Hair With Bangs

A feathered bob with stylish bangs will attract a lot of attention. If you’re a fan of warm-tone cuts and if you enjoy defined bob hairdos – this is for you. Brush out your strands and show off the design everywhere you go knowing that you’re a serious stylish lady.

17. Sleek Feathered Bob Hair

You’ll achieve this feathered bob with ease by brushing your curls out. If you enjoy wispy ends and you want a haircut that can complement your age, this is something worth considering and doing.

18. Natural Feathered Bob Hair

Naturally thick and voluminous dark brown hair is a dream come true! Show off this design if you’re a woman in her 50s, looking for a cut that she can enjoy for day-to-day moments.

19. Dark Blonde Feathered Bob Hair

Dark blonde color and this hairstyle in particular will suit women who are in their 40s. The shade itself is super popular and practical for the summertime period, but you can also try it out this fall season.

20. Unique Artsy Feathered Bob Hair

Hot unique and bright blue haircut such as this one is going to look the best on young women. It is trendy and unique, as well as often worn to concerts.

21. Voluminous Feathered Bob Hair

If your natural hair is a bit wavy and voluminous, this feathered bob will suit you. Show it off if you’re a fan of defined wavy locks and you enjoy that ‘wet’ look vibe.

Book Your Hairstylist!

Feathered bobs may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but are they yours? Women of all ages tend to rock them with confidence, and so can you! Which haircut is it going to be out of the bunch? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you with something from this modern list!

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