Looking for that perfect half up half down bun or ponytail? Are you someone who enjoys cute hair yet a subtle change? Well, if you’re someone who needs that stylish and gorgeous hairstyle you will appreciate this article. Luckily, there are loads of different options that you can rock on a daily basis, or for formal gatherings. Keep on reading and find your go-to down below while browsing through these 30 hair ideas!

How To Style A Half Up Half Down Hairstyle?

A half up half down hairstyle is for those who love to experiment with their looks. If you need something that is so universal, different & playful – this is it! This hair idea will suit formal and informal gatherings. The key when it comes to its styling is for you to:

  • Work with fully blow-dried hair
  • Section your hair and work with different parts and sections
  • Wear the front or back part up in a bun or in a ponytail
  • Let the lower back section flow and fall freely
  • You can curl it, tie in a ponytail, or add loads of hairspray to keep it straight and shiny

This hairstyle is for your prom, wedding, dance, parties, birthdays – you name it! You can even wear it to the office if you’re trying to look stylish & presentable, especially for an important meeting/office party.

1. Ombre Brown Half Up


If you have ombre-colored hair and you’re a bride to be – try this fabulous idea! It is the perfect choice for every lady.

2. Half Up Half Down Black Pony


Sleek & long black hair with loads of shine & straight bangs will look high-end and extraordinary on younger women. 

3. Blonde Highlights Half Up Half Down Hair


Women who want a hairstyle that is wearable for everyday opportunities will enjoy this one.

4. Blonde Fishbraid Half Up Half Down Look 


If you know how to rock and tie braids on your own try this half up half down hairdo.

5. Short Orange Half Up Half Down Look


This half up half down hairstyle is perfect for teens and women who are off to their senior prom!

6. Auburn Half Up Half Down Hairstyle Idea 


Let your hair free and style a simple braid on top.

7. Pinky Blonde Half Up Half Down Look


This chic blonde color and hairstyle is for stylish women and those who love to look stylish.

8. Wavy Half Up Half Down Brunette Look 


Go for a soft curl and enjoy this half up half down look for everyday wear.

9. Bridal Look With Hair Piece 


If you’re a bride to be you will enjoy this accessory and the style itself.

10. Sleek Ponytail Half Up Half Down 


Ponytails are for women who want a subtle change, yet a fashionable look.

11. Short Bridal Look With White Centerpiece 


This white centerpiece will make every bride pop during her big day.

12. Sleek & Long Half Up Half Down Hair With White Flowers


White flowers and this gorgeous accessory will make you look like a true princess.

13. Fierce Blonde Highlights Half Up Half Down 


Blondes will easily rock and wear this look for their big day.

14. Wavy Brunette With Orange Low-lights Half Up Half Down


Get some stylish highlights and wear your hair loose and wavy.

15. Dark Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights Half Up Half Down


If you are a natural brunette add a bit of color to your hair and wear this half up half down hairdo.

16. Rainbow Colors Half Up Half Down Look


Not everyone is comfortable with rocking this much color – do you wish to stand out?

17. Prom Inspired Half Up Half Down Hairstyle


The perfect hairstyle for teens who are off to their prom!

18. Icy Blonde Half Up Half Down Hair In A Ponytail


Icy blonde is the color of the season; is it your choice as well?

19. Pink Hairdo Half Up Half Down


Pink hair and this ombre change are for fierce women!

20. Dark Brown Hair With Highlights Half Up Half Down 


Brides who want something cute and subtle will love this half up half down hairdo.

21. Brown Hair With Yellow Braided Highlights


Tie your hair in a braid and wear this look every day!

22. Flowy Natural Brown Half Up Half Down


Some subtle accessories will make a dramatic change in your hair and with this half up half down style. 

23. Brunette Hair With Highlights And A Hair Piece


Add a bit of bounce and life to your hair with this cute idea.

24. Short Black Hair Half Up Half Down In A Pony


You can also make your hair show-stopping with this style, even if it is short!

25. Bridal Hair Half Up Half Down Silver Tone


Brides can embrace this hairstyle and wear a feminine braid with ease.

26. Gorgeous Blonde Hair With Half Up Half Down Design


If you’re a regular ponytail girl this hairstyle is a must for you!

27. Short Brown Hair With Braid Half Up Half Down Hair


Let your natural hair color come through and wear this style in a chic way.

28. Long Black Sleek Hair Half Up Half Down Pony


Long dark brown hair with loads of shine will never go out of fashion!

29. Long Extensions Half Up Half Down Hair


Extensions are wearable by every girl, the question is; do you want to stand out?

30. Orange Hairstyle For Formal Events Half Up Half Down


Orange hair color is an unusual choice, are you brave enough to embrace it? If so, stick to subtle loose waves and wear it to your next big birthday party.

Is It Time For A New Hairdo?
Is it time to experiment with a new hairdo? Do you need a gorgeous yet subtle change for an upcoming event? Which design is your favorite from the bunch? Let us know which hairstyle you’re eager to wear sometime soon out of these 30 ideas, we would love to know!

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