Are you someone who doesn’t have a lot of time early in the morning to style your hair? We got you, girl! The truth is that finding a hairdo that suits you and that is really low-maintenance can be tricky to find. Who has more than 20 minutes to do their makeup and hair?! If you are a mom on the go, a minimalist, or simply someone who enjoys the well-known policy that sometimes “less is more”, this article is for you! Keep on reading as we bring you some of the coolest and cutest looks right down below.

20+ Lazy Girl Hairdos

1. Blonde Messy Hair

If you’re a blonde you’re in luck since your hair is already stunning and attention-seeking on its own! In this case, why not rock your natural volume and this gorgeous shade of blonde? It is such a “morning bed hair” type of design.

2. Simple Ponytail Hair

Ponytail creations and simpler pony designs such as this one are for women who have thin and short hair. A quick tie-up around the mid-portion and a sturdy elastic in the right place will transform your everyday routine.

3. Chic Ponytail With A Bow

Hairstyles such as this one have been all over social media! This cute little ponytail with a bow detail is a common look seen on Pinterest. Do you enjoy feminine and fluffy hairdos, as well as Instagramable moments? If so, this will suit your everyday wear and pretty much any headed event.

4. Lazy Girl Hair Bun Look

One stylish and elegant hair clip can transform your look within minutes! Women who love high-updos and those who want to do their hair on the go will appreciate this design. Just make sure that your purchased and chosen clip is modern and trendy before you commit to this look.

5. Cool Lazy Girl Hairstyle

This is another cute and effortless bun look that you’re going to love for quick and easy practical styling. If you enjoy cute updos and you need something low-maintenance, why not this look?

6. Updo Bun Lazy Girl Hairstyle

Go for a gorgeous golden hair clip and put your hair in a bun such as this! Women who want a look that can work around the house, but is also appropriate for the office will enjoy the beauty of this hairdo.

7. Morning Bed Hair

Messy, shaggy, and wavy, this look is just the right one for those who have gotten out of their bed! If you have a wavy or messy texture naturally, why not further embrace it for the day?

8. Bun Knot Hair

Women who have naturally thin and short hair will want to try out this bun look. Slick back all of your hair and tie them with a colorful hair tie to get this cute and relaxed effortless bun.

9. High Up Bun

High updos and messy buns will forever be in fashion. Do you love loud and dramatic looks? Are you a fan of messy bangs as well? If so, give it a go with this retro hairstyle. The end result is going to look and work so well on younger women.

10. Bob Hair With A Clip

A blonde and elegant hairdo that is neat and naturally healthy can look gorgeous with the right hair clip. This gorgeous and giant detail will make everyone stop and stare!

11. Short Blonde Chopped Bob

Women who like short and chopped bob looks will like this cute cut. If you’re a fan of shorter hairdos and you have blonde locks, this will suit you! Just curl the ends a bit to get this effortless design.

12. Lazy Girl Braid Style

Braids will forever be in fashion. Women who love to do their own hair and those who are skilled enough should try out a braid. Secure it in place with your favorite elastic and you’re going to love its volume and a serious amount of shine for any event.

13. Messy Updo Bun Hair

Big, fluffy, and messy buns such as this one are for women who have a lot of hair. If your hair is quite messy and thick, you’re going to like this style. Go for a giant ribbon and rock it effortlessly.

14. Straight Hair Lazy Girl Braid Detail

A fishtail braid at the top of your head will attract a lot of attention. Make sure that you have 10 minutes to spare (at least) when achieving this haircut.

15. Messy Hair With A Scarf

Scarves as details at the back of your hair will forever be in fashion! If you love chic and bohemian looks and if you’re someone who knows how to properly install and wear them, why not give this a go?

16. Effortless Bob Hair

Moms who enjoy short and chopped bobs will also love this design. If your hair is messy why not embrace its natural texture? Set it in place with your favorite hairspray and show it off for any event.

17. Blonde Bob With Bobby Pins

Go for several bobi pins on the side of your hair. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, this haircut is the right one for you! It is quick and easy to do + all of us have bobi pins laying around at home, right?

18. Low Bun Knot Hairdo

A messy low-placed bun such as this one is going to look great on any age group. If you plan on staying out for several hours and if you’re someone who enjoys practicality over anything else, this hairdo will show it.

19. Messy Bun Effortless Look

The relaxed bun and this messy knot is for women who are always running late and running out of their home. If you want something cute and elegant at the same time, this is it! It will take you 5 minutes to do it, so why not rock it?

20. Updo Blonde Haircut

High updo buns and voluminous buns such as this one will look so good on most women. If you have a lot of natural hair and you’re a fan of high updos, try styling this on your own!

21. Blonde Hair With A Bow Detail

Add a giant bow accessory to your hair and put your bangs on the side. Women who have an important event, a meeting, or a dinner going on will want to try out this chic look. Set your hair in place with your favorite hairspray and rock it with confidence.

22. High Top Knot Hair

High-up top knots are for women who love to follow trends. You will love this look, especially when paired with these long bangs. Women who are in their twenties may prefer this stylish idea the most.

23. Blonde Lazy Girl Ponytail

Lastly, you can never go wrong with a long and sleek ponytail! This hairdo is cute thanks to this little detail, often worn by businesswomen who need a hairdo that is both practical and formal.

Relaxed Hair Time

Which one of these beauties is your top favorite? Let us know what you plan on rocking next, we can’t wait to see it on you for your formal or everyday moments.

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