If you’re a black female you probably know how hard and tricky it can be to maintain your hair and take care of your locks. This is why a ton of women prefer and opt for shorter hairdos. Not too sure if you can rock one yourself and not too sure where to find great inspiration? Say no more and keep on reading this article to find some great looks down below.

Top 30 Short Natural Haircuts For Black Women 

Blonde & Light Brown Looks 

1. Icy Silver Buzzcut For Black Women 


This icy silver buzz will compliment round head shapes the best. It has to be colored every 6 weeks to maintain the color and its sleek shine. Go for regular haircuts based on your need and preference.

2. Short Platinum Blonde Haircut 


If you really want a short look consider this beauty. It is so low-maintenance and elegant, a must for those who like retro ideas and who don’t want to bother with their looks too often or too much. It is also the perfect summer haircut.

3. Shaved Head For Black Women 


A shaved head can be so empowering and embracing. If you’re super low-maintenance and you can’t stand long hair why not go for this hairdo? It is often worn by younger women or teens who enjoy simple and short looks.

4. Wavy Curled Icy Hairstyle


These super cute light icy curls will suit women who like to stand out the best. If you can handle the coloring and hair dying process try out this design and make sure to upkeep it properly.

5. Blonde Faux Hawk For Black Women 


A blonde faux hawk such as this one can be super trendy, and it is nowadays. If you like spiked-up looks and you fancy defined too heavy ideas this is for you.

6. Buzzcut Hairstyle For African Woman 


Go for a buzzcut and a blonde moment if you dare! A look such as this one is effortless and forever attractive, ideal for true wild and party girls.

7. Curly Orange Top 


A curly orange high messy top will look feminine and mesmerizing. Are you someone who likes to show off your curly texture? If so, this beauty is for your daily wear.

8. Messy Curly Look For Black Girls


Messy and curly, as well as defined at the top, give this haircut a go if you’re into defined curls. Women who like elegance and their natural texture will like this for daily wear.

9. Light Brown Wavy Bob 


Light brown waves look can be super cute and so formal. If you have an important event going on and if you wish to attract a ton of attention or looks why not try doing it with this beauty?

10. Icy Elegant Waves Hairdo 


Bleach can look so good when done the right way. If you fully trust your hairstylist and you want to experiment with something new, this is it!

11. Silver Bob Hair


A silver bob with straight lines and defined edges can look so modern and chic. Women who like their natural texture or who are confident with their grays will like this bob.

12. Blonde Curly Haircut For Black Women


Curly texture and these blonde strands will always be in fashion! If you like your blonde moments and you like to wear your hair high up consider this messy yet voluminous moment.

Dark Brown & Black Short Natural Haircuts

1. Simple Dark Brown Bob 


Simple and dark brown, this look is a must-do for daily wear and will suit your office moments the best. It is so low maintenance as well.

2. Messy Curly Updo 


Add just a bit of your favorite hair gel when getting this curly and short messy beauty. Perfect for the summer season.

3. Black Buzzcut For Black Women


Cool buzzcut for those who wish to show off their natural brown hair color and texture. It just goes to show you that your natural color and texture can be gorgeous!

4. Short Black Pixie For African Girls


Pixie cuts will always look trendy and modern. Do you fancy them yourself?

5. Unique Color Hairstyle 


This hairdo and color are for women who like to switch up their looks often, not knowing how to commit to one design for a longer period.

6. Short Curly Pixie Natural Look 


Cute short curly pixie that will look elegant if styled with the right accessories or jewelry. You’re also going to enjoy it with a full face of makeup!

7. Bright Red Short Pixie 


Cool bright red pixie is a popular look for the fall. Women who like brighter looks and trendy colors will also enjoy this one.

8. Natural Wavy Locks


Natural wavy and short-defined locks will look mesmerizing when styled with the right curl cream. Show off the shine and this magnificent black hairdo.

9. Short & Defined Curls For Black Women


If you prefer short and simple curls give it a go with this pixie. Define them on the sides with a bit of hair cream or gel.

10. Messy & Frizzy Hairstyle For Black Females


Frizzy and messy hair is a beauty on its own! Who says that you have to go all out for your everyday hairdo?

11. Abstract Half-Colored Hair 


Some women like retro colors and abstract art. If you want to stand out give it a go with this half-half hairdo.

12. Messy Bob With Long Bangs


Messy long bob and longer bangs will attract a lot of attention. This hairdo will suit most mature women.

13. Short Dark Orange Buzzcut 


A short defined orange haircut that most women can pull off. Anyone who is into low-key colors and defined curls, this is ideal for you.

14. Stylish Curly Look 


You’ll like this curly hairdo and defined soft curls for formal events. A must for fancy night outs.

15. Chocolate Brown Bob


Cool chocolate brown hair that most girls prefer thanks to its versatile style. You’ll like the coloring process and upkeep.

16. Short Bob Natural Hairstyle


Short natural bob that you’ll enjoy for daily wear. If you like bob cuts why not book this one yourself?

17. High Faux Hawk For Black Women


A defined and colorful faux hawk will attract a lot of attention and looks. This beauty is for women who like retro colorful ideas.

18. Big Curly Afro For Black Women


Big Afro curls usually look breathtaking. Show this design off and be proud of your curls, shine, and dramatic appearance.

New Hairdo, New You!

Ready for something fun and new? Stick to short haircuts and consider adding a bit of color to your natural texture. Black women will have a ton of cool options, let us know which one you fancy the most.

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