40. Pixie Grow Out

If your pixie is bugging you, give it some texture and highlights.


41. Natural Highlights

After the big chop, add in some natural highlights to bring light to your hair.


42. Sleek Bob

Welcome the warmer weather with a beautiful sleek bob.


43. Angled Bob

Keep your hair longer in the front and shorter in the back for a lovely angled bob.


44. Pixie

Take the plunge and go for a pixie cut, you’ll love it.


45. 360 Transformation

Cut your hair and dye it a whole new color for a brilliant transformation.


46. Small Details

Add little highlights throughout your hair for a great new color with your new cut.


47. Fashion to Natural

Fashion colors can take a toll on your hair. Go from fashion to natural with a beautiful new cut.


48. Pixie Color

Do the big chop and go for a lovely pixie look. Up your game with a few fun colors mixed in.


49. Rounded Bob

A rounded bob is a great look to transform to if you are looking to go a little shorter.

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